The success of each scholar requires that we prepare students to meet any challenges they may face in life and in their academic career through learning about oneself, developing positive social behaviors, social and emotional development, resilience, and the ability to view and appreciate beauty. No child is just a mathematician. Or just an athlete. Or just a painter. In fact, every child can be ANYTHING he/she decides to be.


The Lawson Academy offers middle school on-level math courses for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Remedial math is available during tutorial periods during and after school.

In sixth grade, students apply math skills to real-world applications, learn reading strategies needed in math, and describe how they solved problems. In seventh grade, students are expected to know and be able to do everything required in earlier grades and master new topics. In eighth grade, students are expected to know and be able to do everything required in earlier grades and master new topics. Pre-algebra is studied by all eighth graders.


The Lawson Academy Middle School Science embraces a spiral system in which students explore life, earth, and physical sciences with increasing complexity each year. The curriculum enables students to use science, mathematics, and technology to solve problems and to make informed decisions in the areas of life, earth, and physical science.

In sixth grade students participate in units on astronomy; light and sound; earth forces and formation; environmental science; electricity and magnetism. In seventh grade students participate in units on cells; micro-organisms and classification; motion, forces, and energy; and weather and the atmosphere. In eighth grade students participate in units on light & sound; astronomy; electricity & magnetism; and chemistry.


The Lawson Academy Physical Education Program focuses on the development of fitness for life. Our program contributes to each student’s growth and development in the physical, mental, and social domains through a movement-based curriculum. Physical education is an important and unique part of the daily instructional program. It contributes to the development and maintenance of fitness, motor skills, social skills, health, and brain development. The Lawson Academy physical education involves the “whole child” by providing quality instruction. Our goal is to foster and maintain each student’s best level of health.


With band, choir, drum-line and piano, music is incredible at The Lawson Academy. Students are encouraged to participate in musical productions for their families annually, including “The Wiz” and other productions. Music is more than just fun: learning music promotes craftsmanship, and students learn to want to create good work instead of mediocre work. This desire can be applied to all subjects of study.


The Lawson Academy’s English/Language Arts department includes both English and Reading classes. All grade students are enrolled in English. Sixth graders also take Reading. The Lawson Academy English/Language Arts curriculum builds on and extends language content knowledge and writing/speaking skills and strategies. Students engage in the writing process and share their work with peers and a variety of audiences. Students choose topics as well as write in response to assigned topics.


The social studies department offers a varied set of courses along with many activities throughout the year. In sixth grade students study World Cultures from the earliest cultures and civilizations to the middle ages. Students learn historical thinking skills, critical thinking skills, and social studies skills including constructing timelines, reading and analyzing primary and secondary sources, using atlases and globes, and interpreting visual sources. The seventh grade year explores Texas history. Students learn about cultures around the world through a regional approach that considers geographic, political, historical, social, and economic issues as well as the customs, traditions, and other unique characteristics of people within their cultures. In eighth grade, students focus on U.S. history up to Reconstruction in both levels of courses. Students learn about the important people, ideas, and events that brought about the formation of the American nation and shaped the culture and the political and economic institutions through the Civil War and Reconstruction.


The Visual Arts are exceptional at The Lawson Academy. Successful art students 1) participate, 2) respect themselves and others in the classroom, 3) follow directions, 4) complete and turn in assignments on time, 5) open their minds to learning new things, and 6) keep the Art Room clean and are responsible with art supplies.


This is where we introduce students to the fast changing field of technology at The Lawson Academy. As changes in our global society accelerate, the simple fact is that when students are exposed to technology they will be more comfortable with it later in life. Teachers are able to enhance instruction using technological devices such as interactive white boards and interactive learning stations. All Academy classrooms have laptops for workstation learning. The use of tablets for reading, graphing calculators for mathematics, robotics for science and interactive libraries for social studies enhance learning and activate student success.