Health Services

The Lawson Academy does not staff a full-time nurse on either the boys’ or the girls’ campus. If a student is to take medication during the school day, the parent must supply the school with a doctors’ permit, allowing the school staff or the student to administer medication. Otherwise, The Lawson Academy staff is not permitted to administer over the counter medication of any kind to students. All medication that is administered on campus must be dispensed from the bottle/container provided by the pharmacist and cannot be transferred into a baggie or other receptacle. The Lawson Academy staff will not be permitted to dispense medication to students without written parent consent. All medication must be registered with the Director of Schools and registrar and, thereafter, can be administered in the school’s main office.

Medication Policy

According to state policy, a school is required to dispense medications only to students with long-term chronic illnesses or disabilities where failure to take the medication would jeopardize the student’s health or educational progress. The following rules govern our ability to assist your child:

1. A physician’s order for administration of medication must be on file at the school.

2. The medication must be in the original prescription bottle with the student’s name, physician’s name, medication name, schedule of administration, dosage, and date clearly marked.

It is the students’ responsibility to remember to come to the main office and take their medications. The school is not always able to remind the students of daily medications.