Meals at School


Providing healthy school meals has a positive correlation to academic outcomes.  Investing in healthy school meals is one of the least expensive intervention methods to set our youth up for success.  The Lawson Academy provides FREE breakfast and lunch for all students.  Using Revolution Foods, students enjoy nutritious meals with fresh fruits and vegetables every day.  Revolution Foods was ranked the #1 healthiest provider of nutritious meals out of all vendors studied in the competitive landscape.

FAQ: “Q: Are my kids going to like this healthy food? A: Revolution Foods crafts many of its meals using student generated ideas. Their goal is to put a healthy twist on meals that students love. For this reason, we serve kid favorites like spaghetti and meatballs, hot dogs, and chicken tacos with high quality ingredients. For example, our meatballs are made from beef and turkey, our hot dogs are sodium nitrate-free, and our chicken tacos are served with whole grain tortillas and kids are none the wiser! The Lawson Academy has seen an increase in the number of students eating lunch each day, and we are pleasantly surprised by how many kids love the food. Studies show that it may take 10 or more attempts to introduce a new food to children, so we encourage our students to keep tasting the food.”

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